Why can’t I get her out of my mind?

Well I’ve not been here for a while. Where were we? Oh yeah I was applying for jobs back at the beginning of 2014. Didn’t get the Insurance jobs in Manchester (although that would have been a mistake anyway – I hate the 25 mile commute & so I would have hated the job.)

I changed tack & obtained a job as a computer technical support advisor in a massive global firm. Thought the prospects would be good – I’d started on the breadline in the call centre & quickly got to grips with handling dozens of calls one after the other. But hated the prison-like shifts with no flexibility & it quickly became apparent that the promises of quick promotion out of the call centre was non-existent. I’d still be doing stupid o’clock hours in minimum wage now if I hadn’t moved. 

So I did. I March 2015 I found my vocation in Skelmersdale of all places. Insurance again, but dealing with the Public, not Brokers. Small family type office with great people. Again I adapted quick to dealing with our customers directly after 30 years of talking to professionals & strange enough I’m enjoying it immensely. I’m still there & have no intentions of moving. I have the kind of job security you just cannot find anywhere else in this Industry. Local (20-30 minutes commute) & in the middle of nowhere – I’ve even rekindled my interest in wildlife (especially birdwatching) with regular sessions virtually every morning before I decide to enter the office.

So why have I started this blog again?

Her…. She’s re-surfaced in my mind recently & over the past few weeks in my sleeping state or when going to sleep or waking, she’s there.

I see her in my dreams. Most notably when she drenched me as she came on top of me all those years ago. Like it was yesterday….

When she sexted me while I was on my Works Christmas Do. She said she was in the bath diddling herself while she was thinking of me.  How horny does that make me feel? You guess.

Laughing out loud when I realised the “oil” I was using to massage her back & thighs was in fact skin defoliation cream!  I’m laughing now as I write this.

It’s like she’s still here with me but she’s long moved on. I thought I had…..

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Instant replay?

During my holiday in Devon last week Shell rang me while I was at the flix for hot horny sext. Much as I wanted to participate it was not really viable in a darkened theatre so I declined.

Returned last Saturday & immediately took our dog for a well-earned walk & who should I meet in our local park? The one & only Shell babysitting a friend’s dog. And she looked so slim n sexy having lost weight since I last saw her. Our chat ended all too soon so I arranged to meet her the day after.

This meet was fired up by a hot sext session that evening so I was well up for something special in the forest after playing out that rape fantasy the night before.

No such luck. Misunderstandings meant she turned up half an hour after I’d left. Doh! Disappointed to say the least.

So what does this prove? That I still defo have the hots for her. And maybe just maybe she is still interested. So is a replay of our lust in the frame? Time will tell.

On the plus side the agency to whom she’d recommended me contacted me last week & I had a good interview today with a well-respected insurance company.

Will I be employed again in the next few weeks?

Watch this space.

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Ever felt redundant?

I have for quite a while now on a personal level. However, as of 20/12/13 my works office at Preston closed its doors for the final time & I am indeed now redundant from my job.

First time out of work since I started my career the day after I left college in 1979. I have been employed continuously since then. So this is quite a knock to my self confidence.

In my favour are all my (ex-) work colleagues who are my eyes & ears for another job. There’s nothing like networking to get you back on track…..

Even Shell has been speaking to me again (I miss her) & has suggested a good recruitment agency.

Only time will tell now whether I can get back in the saddle – anything will be considered. I need a job !

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Nothing but a creep

Not nice being told you’re a creep when you text a friend who is close to you (or thought she was).

It really hurt.

So I’m staying away from Shell for now.

I’m really getting into that other girl (Lucyfer as she likes to be called) and she can be really graphic in what she likes (& wants from me). She wants to be dominated (that’s scary but exciting too).

Hope I can live up to her lofty expectations one day. I keep hanging back & I’m not sure why so far.

Is it because I don’t really know her? Am I scared of the “bunny boiler” (Fatal Attraction) scenario ?

It’s not like me to hesitate….

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Fantasy? No this will be for real

Well soon after my sexting with Shell she confirmed we are good for fantasies only. Which is bad because right now I need real sex. Hot horny lust with no strings.

Well what I’ve not mentioned is I’ve found someone prepared to give me just that. Well I didn’t find her, she found me. A Facebook request through a mutual friend. She thought she knew me from ages ago. But she’d mistaken me for someone else.

We’ve been FB messaging for a good while. Turns out she has the same Birthday as me 12th November but 1970 not 1960.

Then suddenly we moved onto texts having swapped mobile numbers. Two weeks ago things got heavier & now we want to meet. It’s close to happening & I’m certain it won’t be just for coffee because she’s made it quite clear what she wants, how she wants it, what turns her on etc etc.

I’ve never met her before so I have no idea if I will fancy her like I do Shell. Shell is beautiful hot & I know she’s very good in bed. The other girl is an unknown. But I need sex real bad & she knows that’s all I want. That’s all she wants. She trusts me not to hurt her physically but I’m more worried about the mental fallout.

Lets just say things have been cooled off to give us both time to step back & think if this is real & right for us.

I just know it’ll happen. Soon.

I need to tell Shell that too……

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SSDD part 2

Well there’s always a reason isn’t there? Of course there is.

There I was thinking why had she contacted me after all this time being silent? Especially as she had committed herself to this other guy, was engaged & planned to marry in 2015?

I’d suggested she should really be looking to him for her sexual fantasy needs & desires but whilst everything was “fine” with him only I could satisfy her Dark Side. Who am I to argue?

However now the truth be told. Everything is definitely not right between them. They fell out & now it seems their age difference is an issue. I know he’s younger than her…. I thought that was our issue too. I’m 52 & she’s just 37.

But that explains why she’s back in touch. It wasn’t my magnetic personality after all…..;-)

At least I’m still capable of pushing her buttons & turning her on. Boy she’s a dirty cow with a seemingly endless thirst for fantasy sex. Now if I could turn all that hunger into reality I’d be a very happy man….mmmm the thought of hardcore sex without limits makes me so horny.

She brings out my dark lusty taboo side too. I just can’t describe what I’d do to her. A sort of really heavy Fifty Shades Of Grey I guess.

Fifty Shades Of Black anyone?

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Encore Encore!!

She’s done it to me again!

Saturday 8th December. Afternoon. About 3.40pm. Text message says “I’m sat here thinking about u with no knickers on Xx”. Next one “my fingers r wet Xx”. Then “I’ve bin waiting for u to grab me pull my knickers down and take me down some back alley Xxx”.

I was defrosting the freezer but how do you ignore that?

The answer is I didn’t. I couldn’t resist that hot steamy sexting with her all over again. All afternoon. All night in fact. Way past midnight. Thankfully it was a weekend. I slept late into Sunday as a result then a repeat performance all Sunday evening. No doubt her horniest period of the month had forced her into contacting me again.

Apparently I provide all the dirtiest taboo sex fantasies her boyfriend cannot. “U make me come every time”. “I masturbate over you and that fantasy all the time Xxx”. That’s the one where I take her forcefully against her will. Dangerous game. But I can’t say no to her.

She wants me to come visit Wednesday lunch & play out these fantasies for real. So dirty. So tempting. Can I believe her this time? On her previous performance, no. She has always had cold feet.

Dirty rough sex – so appealing….dirty slutty girl. Mmmmmm.

Like I said this is a dangerous game ….

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