Rationalising past events

Rationalising – I do this at work every day but today (Friday) I have a day off (& a long weekend – Bank Holiday Monday – yeah !!).

I’ve left it a while before blogging because I wanted a positive spin in this one (& looking back at my past blogs most of them focussed on the negative).

So here goes – rationale of my relationship with Shell:-

Me – 50/greying/overweight/unattractive/married/2 grown up kids/2 sexual partners in all my life & no sex since Feb 2009.

Her – 37/dark flowing hair/slim/attractive/single/2 young kids/unknown

Summary – old/fat/ugly/attached v young/slim/beautiful/unattached so where did the attraction to me come from?

Positives –

Sex – definitely (fantastic it was too) she knew what she wanted, got astride me & gave me her heart body & soul for a while. I’ve never known anyone so truly in touch with her sexuality & she drenched me in the process – an experience I will never ever forget.

Love – she has such a big bold heart not just for me but everyone, especially her children – a wonderful Mother.

Personality – no I’m not just saying that she is larger than life & has a positive effect on everyone she knows or meets.

Unselfishness – she ALWAYS thinks of others before herself. Maybe that’s a negative in some opinions but I think it’s a a big positive. She’s been through a lot of bad luck lately but she still has time for others.

Beauty – inside & out – you’ll only understand if you get to know her.

Smile – always smiling

Eyes – Oh her eyes. They are her most beautiful feature. Big deep blue pools of love. I’ve told her this many times.

Negatives – none except for Guilt – her total reluctance to get involved with a married man (understandably).

So as I’ve said before maybe Shell had also reached a point where she was desperate to be loved & touched & wanted & I was in just the right place at the right time – she has told me many times before that she has needs & wants & I guess I satisfied her needs for a while until the guilt of seeing a married man kicked in – which is totally against her beliefs too.

So where do we go now? According to her nothing happened & we were never going to become an item – too many obstacles to overcome (marriage/children/family reactions/workmates etc) – and she never wanted to come between me & Sue. She said she regrets being the cause of me breaking my marriage vows.

I have always thought women wanted more than just sex – but Shell has made me question that – did Shell just want sex ? Maybe I was investing too much love into the situation – I fell for her hard & I told her that & maybe I shouldn’t have worn my heart so clearly on my sleeve.

Dare I now suggest sex without strings ? If that’s the only way to see her I’ll take it. Or would that make things even worse ?

What am I saying?

Shell has already finished with me. Things can’t get any worse so I guess I have nothing to lose…


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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2 Responses to Rationalising past events

  1. lisacolorado says:

    Yeah but what did she see in you?

    Are you being honest about your own positives and negatives, etc? You can help yourself see truly.

  2. kestrel1960 says:

    I guess I don’t want to post my own positives & negatives Lisa. It’s frightening to see yourself don’t you think? Its up to those that know me to form their own opinion of me & they are quite welcome to post those comments on here I won’t stop them.
    But this is anonymous & they have to find me here first 🙂
    I like to feel generally that I can get on with anyone.

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