Why can’t I get her out of my mind?

Well I’ve not been here for a while. Where were we? Oh yeah I was applying for jobs back at the beginning of 2014. Didn’t get the Insurance jobs in Manchester (although that would have been a mistake anyway – I hate the 25 mile commute & so I would have hated the job.)

I changed tack & obtained a job as a computer technical support advisor in a massive global firm. Thought the prospects would be good – I’d started on the breadline in the call centre & quickly got to grips with handling dozens of calls one after the other. But hated the prison-like shifts with no flexibility & it quickly became apparent that the promises of quick promotion out of the call centre was non-existent. I’d still be doing stupid o’clock hours in minimum wage now if I hadn’t moved. 

So I did. I March 2015 I found my vocation in Skelmersdale of all places. Insurance again, but dealing with the Public, not Brokers. Small family type office with great people. Again I adapted quick to dealing with our customers directly after 30 years of talking to professionals & strange enough I’m enjoying it immensely. I’m still there & have no intentions of moving. I have the kind of job security you just cannot find anywhere else in this Industry. Local (20-30 minutes commute) & in the middle of nowhere – I’ve even rekindled my interest in wildlife (especially birdwatching) with regular sessions virtually every morning before I decide to enter the office.

So why have I started this blog again?

Her…. She’s re-surfaced in my mind recently & over the past few weeks in my sleeping state or when going to sleep or waking, she’s there.

I see her in my dreams. Most notably when she drenched me as she came on top of me all those years ago. Like it was yesterday….

When she sexted me while I was on my Works Christmas Do. She said she was in the bath diddling herself while she was thinking of me.  How horny does that make me feel? You guess.

Laughing out loud when I realised the “oil” I was using to massage her back & thighs was in fact skin defoliation cream!  I’m laughing now as I write this.

It’s like she’s still here with me but she’s long moved on. I thought I had…..


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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