Encore Encore!!

She’s done it to me again!

Saturday 8th December. Afternoon. About 3.40pm. Text message says “I’m sat here thinking about u with no knickers on Xx”. Next one “my fingers r wet Xx”. Then “I’ve bin waiting for u to grab me pull my knickers down and take me down some back alley Xxx”.

I was defrosting the freezer but how do you ignore that?

The answer is I didn’t. I couldn’t resist that hot steamy sexting with her all over again. All afternoon. All night in fact. Way past midnight. Thankfully it was a weekend. I slept late into Sunday as a result then a repeat performance all Sunday evening. No doubt her horniest period of the month had forced her into contacting me again.

Apparently I provide all the dirtiest taboo sex fantasies her boyfriend cannot. “U make me come every time”. “I masturbate over you and that fantasy all the time Xxx”. That’s the one where I take her forcefully against her will. Dangerous game. But I can’t say no to her.

She wants me to come visit Wednesday lunch & play out these fantasies for real. So dirty. So tempting. Can I believe her this time? On her previous performance, no. She has always had cold feet.

Dirty rough sex – so appealing….dirty slutty girl. Mmmmmm.

Like I said this is a dangerous game ….


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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