Click here to read about me – I’m your average nobody & I prefer to keep it that way. Married 25 years in 2012 with two grown up kids

I had one sexual partner before marrying in 1987 & up till now have been faithful to my wife despite many opportunities which like a sucker I always turned down. My Wife has been unfaithful to me on numerous occasions (the one’s I found out about) but I’ve I hung in there. Things got much harder for me when the sex stopped totally in February 2009….

I fancied Michelle the first day I met her in 2008 when I was doing some external work away from my office at her office. She was young & easy-going & always acting the total nutter.  Always thought she was way outta my league & too young – then I found out she was not in her early 20’s but her late 30’s with two children.

Ceased working at her office & didn’t think about her anymore till she caught up with me on Facebook in July 2009 & we started texting regularly at first then it gradually faded again.

But I got to know her really well in the subsequent two years via text – only meeting up once in that time because she was still on & off with her ex-lover.

Until this April 2011 when this beautiful girl showed more of an interest in me & turned my world upside down. I was a teenager again….


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