SSDD part 2

Well there’s always a reason isn’t there? Of course there is.

There I was thinking why had she contacted me after all this time being silent? Especially as she had committed herself to this other guy, was engaged & planned to marry in 2015?

I’d suggested she should really be looking to him for her sexual fantasy needs & desires but whilst everything was “fine” with him only I could satisfy her Dark Side. Who am I to argue?

However now the truth be told. Everything is definitely not right between them. They fell out & now it seems their age difference is an issue. I know he’s younger than her…. I thought that was our issue too. I’m 52 & she’s just 37.

But that explains why she’s back in touch. It wasn’t my magnetic personality after all…..;-)

At least I’m still capable of pushing her buttons & turning her on. Boy she’s a dirty cow with a seemingly endless thirst for fantasy sex. Now if I could turn all that hunger into reality I’d be a very happy man….mmmm the thought of hardcore sex without limits makes me so horny.

She brings out my dark lusty taboo side too. I just can’t describe what I’d do to her. A sort of really heavy Fifty Shades Of Grey I guess.

Fifty Shades Of Black anyone?


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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