Fantasy? No this will be for real

Well soon after my sexting with Shell she confirmed we are good for fantasies only. Which is bad because right now I need real sex. Hot horny lust with no strings.

Well what I’ve not mentioned is I’ve found someone prepared to give me just that. Well I didn’t find her, she found me. A Facebook request through a mutual friend. She thought she knew me from ages ago. But she’d mistaken me for someone else.

We’ve been FB messaging for a good while. Turns out she has the same Birthday as me 12th November but 1970 not 1960.

Then suddenly we moved onto texts having swapped mobile numbers. Two weeks ago things got heavier & now we want to meet. It’s close to happening & I’m certain it won’t be just for coffee because she’s made it quite clear what she wants, how she wants it, what turns her on etc etc.

I’ve never met her before so I have no idea if I will fancy her like I do Shell. Shell is beautiful hot & I know she’s very good in bed. The other girl is an unknown. But I need sex real bad & she knows that’s all I want. That’s all she wants. She trusts me not to hurt her physically but I’m more worried about the mental fallout.

Lets just say things have been cooled off to give us both time to step back & think if this is real & right for us.

I just know it’ll happen. Soon.

I need to tell Shell that too……


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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