Well I stayed away from this blog as long as I could. Away from thoughts of her & all the excitement of those feelings for her.

It didn’t work. She may no longer be on my mind every waking hour but she manages to remain in my thoughts last thing before sleeping. Virtually every night. How does she do that to me after so long?

Needless to say we have been in touch from time to time. But our last chat was the most distressing – she told me she has gotten engaged. A whirlwind romance it seems. Despite there being a recent stumble in their relationship when she contacted me for a sexting session. Desperate measures as her boyfriend (now FiancĂ©) had been working all hours & she wasn’t “getting enough”.

Well things must have obviously improved since then. She was so sorry but she was getting married to him I’m 2015.

I asked her what she was so sorry about & told her not to be so silly. I wished her all the best. She does after all deserve the security she so badly needs in a resident male for her children’s sake at the very least.

What more could I say? Can I say?

My feelings are so mixed. Gutted was the initial feeling. The thought we will never be able to meet again. But also happiness for her having achieved what she so desperately needed & which I could not provide.

Be well my darling Shell x


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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