Thursday 7th June 2012 midday & out of the blue I get a text from Shell :- “I just got out the shower & can only think of u licking inbetween my legs xxx”.

I was blown away because she has shown little or no interest in me since Valentines Day plus the fact she has a partner with whom she is happy so what gives?

I admit whilst I was totally up for some sexting fun I was also so confused that I did not rise to the bait – the first time I’ve ever refused Shell.

I was more concerned with why she was asking me – surely she prefers sexting with her partner? Why me? Why now?

In any case I blew the chance of a hot sexting session with her. By the time I’d recovered the moment (& my hard on) had gone & it’s now been two days since she contacted me so perhaps it was just a small chink in her armour – I know she is very highly sexed & had possibly been rejected by lover (she has already told me he works all hours so her relationship may have been suffering as a result)….

So maybe that’s the reason she contacted me – after all she knows full well how I still feel about her despite her having moved on & maybe she was exploiting my feelings. After all if I’m being honest I still have the hots for her…badly.

What a mind job !!!


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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