Game Over

Well I did not feel like saying what’s happened but I owe it to all those who’ve read all my posts to date.

This was not intended to read as a story surrounding a single person (Michelle) but somehow ended up that way. Maybe I can now turn this whole saga into a chapter instead.

Well there was still nothing from Shell since Valentines but I noticed in mid March she had made the occasional post on Facebook to someone I don’t know & my suspicions were finally confirmed when her status changed to “in a relationship” with the same guy a few weeks ago.

Jealously doesn’t begin to describe my feelings but I’ve stayed well away.

The more I think about it however the more I’m sure she made the right move. He’s much younger, has his own business & is solvent by the sound of it. More importantly he’s single & seems to have made the all important transition into her family namely her children who appear to have accepted him. Believe me I know from her just how important a deal that is to her.

So in the overall scheme of things she’s finally got what she wanted & deserved & I truly wish her every success in her life. I’m one of the few persons she let into her secrets & I am so privileged to know her so well.

I hope she gets everything she has ever wanted. Good luck Shell xx


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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