Post Valentines Day blues

Shell couldn’t thank me enough for her roses. She suggested it was a good tactic to make her think about me every time she saw them.

I lost count of the times she told me. And she said she loved me too.

Well that seems so long ago now because I’ve not heard from her since. She has a habit of ceasing contact for long periods of time. And now it’s the 25th February. Some two weeks after her last text.

What did I do? Nothing. I said nothing to raise any feelings of guilt. But she does this to me. All the time. She knows it must hurt me. But still she does it.

I think maybe this time I should call an end to us. If she hasn’t already done so. I’m sick of doing all the chasing. And you wouldn’t treat your friend like this.

I miss her texts terribly but I have to break away from the feelings I have for her if I’m to get back to normality & this will help me to stop thinking of her every single day…


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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