Last day at work yesterday before Christmas break & as usual I have a few lunchtime drinks with friends before returning to the pub later on.

Managed to finish at 4pm thanks to the boss. Got chatting to the girl behind the bar because I knew she’s into motorcycles like me & discovered she’s changing her current 600cc for a Suzuki GS1400 – what a monster – I used to ride Suzukis & this one is my favourite. The girl is tiny & I’ve no idea how she’ll handle it but she’s got my respect..

As usual at this time of year my thoughts turn to Shell & especially the night of one of our works Christmas Do’s when she texted me to say she was naked n horny in her bath….

I couldn’t leave things as they are so I rang her – no answer so texted her asking if we could talk.

As promised she rang me back half an hour later & I disappeared from the pub to have the best 25 minutes ever chatting & clearing the air. She knew I’d had a few but she hung in there which led to me sobering up pretty rapidly when she confirmed things are still fine & okay between us & that she will still be in touch.

I just love hearing Shell’s voice so much more personal & no chance of any misunderstandings as is always the case with texts…

I was floating on air when I got back in the pub. Mates knew of course from the smile on my face….


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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