Happy Thanksgiving

Until recently I never understood what Thanksgiving was all about except being a good reason for American families to get together. However an American chess partner put me to rights this year. I know more about Thanksgiving now than I’ve ever done.

Depression reigns.

Shell had stopped texting for a few weeks & deliberately keeping space between us. No feelings in her texts, no kisses in them no hint of of any warmth.

I was feeling bored lately & should have expected that Shell would delete me from her Facebook but it still came as a total surprise this morning when I could not find her. Yes I admit I was Facebook stalking her but I just can’t help myself.

It seemed so final. This was the only way I could at least know what she was doing with her life so I texted her & said I understood what she wanted (a life without me continually annoying her) & promptly deleted her mobile number.

It was a big surprise when she texted back saying she’s deleted her entire FB account & invited me to follow her on Twitter instead. Oh joy !

Maybe she realised how low I was feeling because today we have texted non-stop. She has revealed more personal things about her life to me & made me feel much better than I’ve felt in a long time about her.

Today has been a step in the right direction. Shell made me feel more confident that we can at least remain friends.

I know its been & gone but Happy Thanksgiving to everyone – & especially to Shell & her family.

Shell I still love you so much & pray for you almost daily. Take care Baby xx


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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