Just friends?


I’ve spoken to Shell more times in the past few weeks than the whole last 6 months. Professionally.

I guess that’s because she found a new job in the same city as me. And once again she’s now a customer of mine. Funny how things come full circle…

But she chooses to ring me. Not the dozen or so others in my team.

I’m always courteous to her. In fact I’m glad to hear her voice again despite our personal history; I think she knows that – it’s best not to mix business & pleasure.

I always thought she wanted me to stay away so I did. But this week she also sent me her new mobile number..

Mixed messages again & in a weak moment I texted her saying I still miss her like crazy (readers of this blog will know I’ve never got over her). Her response? Nothing. It was only to be expected.

Until last night. Fireworks night. She sent me a photo of her at the local Bonfire, an event I used to go to every year. A dark picture but she was smoking hot even under the scarf & overcoat she was wearing.

I told her she looks great – she always does. How did I get hooked on such a beauty ?


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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