What am I doing wrong ?

Caught Shell by chance on MSN today & when she didn’t respond to me I simply said “bye” seeing as she was obviously busy.

She curtly told me not to be so impatient (she was sorting something) to which I apologised n said I’d wait till she was done.

Guess what? As I expected she disappeared without another word.

Kinda makes it clear she doesn’t wanna know me anymore.

It hurts so much even now. I just dunno what I did to get this treatment.

Glad I’m going to York tomorrow I need some distraction to get Shell off my mind. So far nothing is working as she is in my thoughts when I wake up & when I go to bed.

Glad I’m not female either or I’d be crying a lot right now. The pain can be bad sometimes gotta stop thinking of her…


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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