Asked Shell today reason why she treats me the way she does. She said doesn’t know why she is the way she is & that she wouldn’t talk to herself because of the way she is. Hope that makes sense.
I poured my heart out to her again & expressed my anxiety about her never answering my texts straight away (I always answer hers immediately) & when she does it’s generally barely more than a single word reply. Nothing like she used to text (all her feelings for me seem to have gone)
Is she bored with me ? Do I annoy her?
Her answer was yes I do when I go on about these things…
I can’t win.
Oh and surprise surprise she has changed her mind about not wanting the wine from yesterday.
I told her so have I …
She thinks I’ll come running as soon as she flicks her fingers? Not a chance. Totally pissed at her & I need to cool off.
Plenty of Stella Artois will help n I’ve already started.
Let’s see how my hangover does tomorrow. Maybe we can have a fresh start…


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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