Just when I think all is lost she offers an olive branch…
After all the love expressed about her ex I told her she’d be desperate to pick me 4 some loving not just physical I meant real love & she said she didn’t feel that way at all (I think she meant she wouldn’t be desperate to consider me).
Tonight she said she felt like that Evanescence video called wake me up inside.
Pretty potent stuff if she’s asking me to wake her up inside.
I’ve seen inside her heart n I like what’s there. It’s all beautiful & I want her to open up to me again.
Is there any chance ?
If there’s any chance I’ll wait 4 her. 4 ever if necessary.
Why does she let things go so far & then stir up all my old passion for her?
My head’s spinning all over again but I’m loving the feeling & the possibility that she does still have feelings for me…..


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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