I so keep trying to rebuild our friendship but Shell just keeps digging in & shutting me out.
My texts tend to be lengthy & filled with all my feelings for her but where I generally respond to her immediately I find myself waiting anxiously for hours for her reply.
Today is a fine example :-
I asked her about a FB post she’d made & encouraged her not to change her outlook on life in that she has always looked for the good side of people she knows.
I honestly think her integrity & her resolve in bringing out the good in someone is the most attractive part of her personality & I told her ( she certainly brought out the best in me ).
But no response from her.
Another text to her…hours later she responded with a single word.
I asked her immediately how she was because I’m genuinely concerned for her.
Hours later a couple of words to say things were the same.
I dunno about other people but when I get disinterested responses such as these I worry that I’m being a pest to someone & I told her I felt as if I was annoying her & did she want me to stop texting?
That was 2pm. It’s now 9pm & still no response from her. I guess that means I WAS annoying her with my texts. Why doesn’t she just say so ?
I’m so depressed. She knows how much I love her but she just blanks me out all the time lately.
Maybe she WAS totally blind when she first met & responded to me. After all I’m old fat & ugly & she’s young slim & totally gorgeous & I’d do anything for her.
What did she see in me? Maybe she’s realised just that. It all makes me feel like shit.


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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