Well I told Shell this week is the anniversary of her first text to me. She just called me plain weird. At least I got a response from her.
I remember receiving it one weekend 2 years ago while I was doing some ironing & watching the TV upstairs. I so remember the lovely warm feeling inside thinking here was a girl I had really fancied for so long contacting ME !!!
Why ???
What did she find interesting about me ?
I know we got on really well at her workplace & I suppose I flirted with her a bit but I had not seen her for months & never thought in a million years the interest was mutual & that she would go out of her way to contact me.
She’d actually noticed me on Facebook & found my mobile number there. Twas the start of something really good which I still don’t want to end.
My last blog mentioned a lingerie item I’d sent to her & I was right, it was this that had caused her loadsa grief from both her children & her parents asking awkward questions about me.
I promised her it would not happen again & I hope she trusts me enough to text again.
It’s been two more days since we last texted so all is still not good.
She said she still has loads of stuff on her plate to think about & I know she’s been so unlucky recently with her house flooding, car window & now lenor on her Son’s laptop & a wasp nest & lots of other annoying things. I really wish she’d let me help but she’s far too strong-willed & independent for that.
I would really like to see her again no pressure & nothing other than a friendly chat but she’s so resistant to that I’m not pushing the issue (even though I’m so wanting this).
I think of her every day & most nights too. I know it’s not reciprocal but my feelings for her have not abated & I can’t understand why.
It’s almost as if the more she pushes me away the more I love her ….


About kestrel1960

I love women & cars. In that order.
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